Nim is our youngest member and a pleasant appearance. She was bred by Ivan Ristic, kennel Corso Imperium. She is the daughter of Edie Corso Imperium and Barabba. In her bloodline we find impressive Cane Corsos. She is related to our Nox through her ancestors. Arex Della Valle dei Lord is the father of our Nox. Her grandmother Win Corso Imperium is an impressive lady for whom I have always had a preference.

Character Nim

Nim has a strong character. It is said that you never get the same dog again, that's true ... But with our Nim we see a trait of each of our dogs. She is incredibly sweet, very loyal and protective, with a temperamental character and a clear will. She is just that little bit more outspoken in everything.

Pictures Nim


Father of Nim

Edie Corso Imperium

Mother of Nim