"W"- LITTER 2023

Geboren op 06-12-2023

DOB 06-12-2023

Vader: Imperator Corso Imperium


Moeder: Utopia Dei Titani Sabini

HDA - ED0 - SD0 - DSRA N|N - DNA

Sire: Imperator Corso Imperium


Dam: Utopia Dei Titani Sabini

HDA - ED0 - SD0 - DSRA N|N - DNA

Litter info

Both parents are breed typical with the temperament that a Cane Corso has. Both dogs have a strong instinctive character, they are both social but with a high need to protect their family. They prefer to be outside & by your side during everyday tasks. You can't please them by sitting on the couch all day long. Their character shows the nature of the Cane Corso, the worker, the guardian of home and hearth... as a correct CC should be. We currently see that the puppies have inherited the character of both parents. They are social, not easily impressed and if they are, they recover quickly. They are an enterprising brat that likes to discover new things and investigate. This is not unexpected for us when we look at the ancestors. Here we find impressive specimens, Cane Corsos that have written history. Both on show, as working tests, and as reproduction.


I have created an extra page about 1 of these ancestors, because this male deserves to be put in the spotlight. That is the male Arturo, he is the great-grandfather of our Thor (Imperator Corso Imperium), also the son of Arturo, Zivago is a male who sounds familiar in Cane Corso land.

 The names

 De meiden | The Girls


 La Forza di Vivere WATSON J

 La Forza di Vivere WEDNESDAY A

 La Forza di Vivere WIN C.I.


 De jongens | The Boys 


 La Forza di Vivere WICK J

 La Forza di Vivere WINSTON CH

 La Forza di Vivere WILLIE G

 La Forza di Vivere WEASLEY R


2 other great gentlemen in this pedigree are Oregon Degli Elmi and Roosvelt. Oregon is a very beautiful male, in my opinion an example of the breed, it is a male with an imposing appearance, very beautiful in head type & body, with a good ratio of bone & mass. Oregon is the great grandfather of our Thor on his mother's side, but is also the grandfather of our Utopia. Oregon is the father of that other great gentleman...the male Roosvelt, he is the father of our Utopia. Roosvelt is also a much discussed name among Cane Corso enthusiasts, he is known for inheriting his head. Without seeing a pedigree you can tell from his descendants that he is a Roosvelt descendant. Another nice fact in this pedigree is that Arturo and Roosvelt both belong to the same owner.


Not only do we find exceptional gentlemen in the pedigree of the puppies, but the handsome ladies are also well represented. Luce, the mother of Utopia, can at least be called a strong bitch, a robust, strong bitch with bone and mass. Win Corso Imperium is a daughter of Oregon Degli Elmi and Luna Corso Imperium, Win is the grandmother of our Thor, she is an exceptional bitch in terms of body, mass & bone and a tight topline, which comes from 2 beautiful Cane Corsos. Not only Oregon but also Luna certainly made her contribution to the breed, she was a very beautiful lady who produced very strong descendants.


The girls 

The boys

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