Nell was born in the Netherlands at the kennel Del Montagna Oro. My Cane Corso adventure started with her. It will always be of immense value to me! In our Nell her ancestors are beautiful Cane Corsos ... 1 of those beautiful names is Jones! I can say that he is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful formentino Cane Corso that has existed. He certainly left his mark in the Cane world!

Character Nell

 She is an exceptional lady with a nice character. A playful character but with temperament. In the pack she is very patient, but she will dot the i's if necessary. Together with Nox, they are on top and are the perfect team to lead the pack. She is the perfect family dog, very loyal and protective.



More information about Jones can be found here.

He was our Nell's great grandfather 

Pictures Nell

La Potenza E L'Amore di Neo


Father of Nell

Casino Sic Bo Del Montagna Oro

Mother of Nell