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My love for the breed started around 2003. It was then I saw a Cane Corso for the first time at an event where the dog and his owner were responsible for security. I was completely impressed with this beautiful dog. The Cane Corso seed had been planted and started to develop further.


My search began and a few years later in 2010 I was finally able to embrace my own Cane Corso. This was our Nell (Gilano Maloya Del Montagna Oro) A great Cane Corso lady imported from the Netherlands!


Together with our Nell, the idea of ​​"La Forza di Vivere" was also born. The dream to breed a litter with Nell as foundation mother of our kennel ... In 2011 I applied for and obtained the kennel name. "La Forza di Vivere" was officially born!


The desire continued to grow to add a male and in 2012 I imported our Nox (Nox Corso Imperium) from Serbia. He is without a doubt a great appearance!


In 2013 my dream came true. Our first litter was born with our Nell as foundation mother and as father King of Victory Corso Imperium. I kept 2 puppies from this litter. A female, our Maud (La Forza di Vivere Maud) and a male, our Morris (La Forza di Vivere Morris). Brother & sister are completely different in color & character, but they are undoubtedly an exceptional duo!


In 2020 we were able to welcome our youngest member. A female ... Nim (I- L'Nimue Corso Imperium) Once again we chose a Cane Corso bred by Ivan Ristic (Corso Imperium kennel). We are therefore grateful to him for the trust and friendship that has developed over the years.

* Certified Instructor Section 4B (obedience) KUSH since 2010

* Instructor section 4B Lommel Dog Association (HVL) 2010-2013