Italian Champion, World Champion, Vice World Champion & Topdog 2001

In addition to his own very successful career, Bayron has also passed this on to his descendants.

He is the father of:

World Champion 2004 Margo, Italian & European Champion 2003 Ron, Italian & European Champion 2002 Molly, and several Italian Champions

Following Bayron's striking career, the Italian magazine Working Dogs has published an entire article about Bayron, its history & its descendants, including the ratings of several important Italian judges.

Portrait of a Champion and a sire

By Alexander Luzi

By popular request, I come back to the extensive article dedicated to the super breed the Cane Corso Italiano. After Pianeta Cane Corso, I would like to bring to the attention of the corsisti (Cane Corso enthusiasts) and cynologists, a prestigious and therefore important dog, which will certainly leave a clear trace in the history of the breed. A sketch of Bayron Del Dyrium owned by Mr. Luigi Di Rienzo, Owner of La Valle Dei Lord Cane Corso Kennel. Bayron was born on May 27, 1997 from Quasar and Ada. Quasar, a beautiful specimen, with an excellent breed type, so much that in the course of his show career he reached several highs, including the title of Italian Champion, Reproduction Champion and World Champion in Mexico 1999.



When Bayron was only a year old, he already stood out from the rest of the dogs in his class, so much that while practicing at his first show he immediately became BOB of 26 other dogs. I have good personal memories of this young dog, a young scion at a breed gathering. I remained positively impressed because, unlike his peers, Bayron already had an important head, marked, very strong, with a very square and thick muzzle, structurally equipped with a remarkable skeleton. From here his career took off at breakneck speed: he soon became Italian Champion, Reproduction Champion, Vice World Champion in Oporto 2001. And on top of that a Best in Show at the national show of Campobasso, a unique event for the Cane breed. Corso, obtaining 18 BOB, 2 BOG (best in group), TOP DOG 2001 and further numerous victories at race events.


We take a look at the strengths of this exceptional dog. Bayron is a specimen with an excellent type, with a clearly masculine appearance. Its head is a reference for what the breed is. Impressive, large and well defined, chiselled, with an optimal skull-muzzle ratio and convergence of the skull-facial axes, marked stop, excellent square muzzle, dark eye, undershot within the average centimeter, excellent pigment and a noble and honest expression. From the head to the trunk and further a correct backline, very solid, broad and open chest, front correct and hindquarters strongly resiliently muscled, a most remarkable skeleton construction, typical coat for the breed of stiff structure and with undercoat, which is brindled on a dark background. A dog of an overwhelming breed type indicated in all characteristic points in the standard of the breed. When we talk about Bayron, in addition to its beauty, we must also pay attention to its character: balanced, always alert, but also affectionate to its owner, but suspicious of strangers. A dog with a fiery temperament which he shows when challenged. He shows his whole attitude to guard and defend in truly impressive actions.


It is not a written law that a beautiful champion also passes on well. At Bayron, on the other hand, in addition to being an important champion, what he condones makes him even greater in my opinion. He has enormous breed typical characteristics that can clearly be seen in a large part of his descendants, making these characteristics even more important. Striking in passing on these typical special characteristics, such as optimal proportions, a remarkable skeleton, is always the presence of the correct sex type in males and bitches. What is strange is that this way he also successfully passes on to bitches of a different type and bloodlines. The successes of his offspring at shows show that Bayron is truly one of the best of the breed. This gives him an even greater influence, when we think back to the successes of Molly, very typical bitch, Italian Champion, first in intermediate class at the World Dogshow 2000, European Champion 2002. Maggy, Italian Champion, 2nd in Championship class at the European Championship 2003 , Grace, Italian Champion 2004 and Margo World Champion 2004 in Brazil (best female). Among the males Brenno, an excellent specimen, Young Italian ENCI Champion, Italian Champion. Ron, at the age of only 2 years, already won the title Italian Champion and European Champion 2003 and BOB. And many other interesting dogs which will soon be shown to you in the show ring.



The Cane Corso is an old breed, but at the same time a young breed. It has not been long since targeted selection began in this breed. The choice of breeding stock is more important today than ever and should be done with extreme caution. The man who replaces natural selection will have to choose his property from specimens that can pass on health, conformation and character to their descendants in order to achieve the goal. The number of breeders of this breed has increased significantly in the meantime. To meet the demand, a huge number of dogs are bred, often with poorer combinations, the results of which are obvious. As a result, there is a significant decrease in dogs of average quality, with less and less homogeneity and sometimes with character defects. In this current situation in the breed, Bayron shows real value with the quality of his descendants. An advantage for the Cane Corso is that the colors that are so in demand and so easy to obtain will also ensure that these breeders will eventually end up in a crisis, with the serious breeders, responsible and passionate enthusiasts, thanks to their targeted selection, give this breed the splendor it deserves. The S.A.C.C., the breed club, after making the history of the Cane Corso Italiano, today has the not easy task of guiding the development of this breed in a positive direction, in order to ensure a canine progress of the breed. Thanks to the true enthusiasts who try to achieve this, without unnecessary and harmful obstinacy. Thanks to the cooperation of Mr. Di Rienzo and we wish Bayron a long life and also for everything that descends from this champion.


                               European & Italian Champion Molly

              World Champion Margo

     European & Italian Champion Ron


Reviews of Bayron

Guido Vandoni:

Specimen with good masculine appearance, optimal head, excellent profile, correct bite, optimal proportions skull-muzzle, eye highly pigmented, very balanced trunk, optimal chest width, good top and underline.

Paolo Dondina:

Optimal general condition and coat, very powerful dog, head with masculine appearance, with correct proportions, dry neck, deep chest, correct height-length proportions of the body, well-muscled hindquarters, good movement.

Michele Palazzo:

Correct bite, specimen of type, body of correct length, good skeletal dimensions, straight legs, head of good volume, skull of good shape, proportion and profile, excellent square muzzle, excellent stop and lips, eye in good position, good color and shape, ear well planned and carried, good neck, good shoulder, body well developed in three dimensions, good loins and rump, tail well set on and carried, movement smoothly with good thrust from the hindquarters.

Pier Giovanni Staderini:

Correct underbite, solid construction, strong skeleton, correct legs, nice head, nice eye, solid body, powerful hindquarters, nice backline, nice angulations, very good movement.

Alfredo Alessandri:

Correct underbite, optimal skull-muzzle proportions, optimal profile, nice square muzzle, good expression, good skull, optimal topline of the trunk, optimal angulation of the limbs, characteristic gait, coat with excellent pigment, optimally carried tail.

Raffaello Mariotti:

A true Corso, typical and expressive, strong construction, excellent diameters, strong masculine neck, very beautiful head. Its slight convergence is perfect, optimal skull-muzzle proportions, correct bite with slight underbite, sufficient angulation, good movement.

Danilo Giorgio:

Masculine specimen that fits together in its entirety. The correct proportions are indicated by the proportions in the head. Characteristic as an example for the breed, because it brings together character and nobility in its entirety, a specimen fitting in its construction, its profiles and its movement. Fluent gait with typical breed temperament.


Thanks to Nancy Koper for the translation